Can I request a cube with a type of wood not listed in your catalog?

Yes – while we can't provide a ready-made price for woods that are not listed on our site, we're more than happy to produce a bespoke quote that takes into account your desired material choices. Note that prices for certain woods may be market-dependent, and so final product prices would be determined upon commission.


Can I add other types of drawings that are not listed on the website?

Absolutely. While most of our clients select our in-house illustrations, we’ve also had a number of special requests including personal illustrations, special graphics, and even photographs silk-screened onto our products. Customisation is integral to all aspects of our products. Note that silk screens will need to be produced for any one-off jobs, and so special requests will necessarily incur additional fees for production.


Can I choose a different size other than your large and small cubes?

Our cubes were designed to comfortably seat an adult (large) or a child (small) and are conveniently scaled to each other. As we use jigs that have been made to optimize the fabrication of our current selection of cubes, we unfortunately cannot produce them to a different scale.